Dog Walking & Other doggy services

Oscar (cocker)
At Sealsun Gundogs we can provide a variety of dog walking requirements and services for you and your dog. All of the services below can be done on a daily, weekly or just now and then basis.

Teddy (Cockerpoo)

Dog Walking (pack) - £10 for a minimum of 45 minutes
I will come to your home and pick your dog up and take it for a walk for a minimum of 45 minutes. At first it will be lead walked until it has found its place in the pack, from then on it will progress to a 10m long line where it can have more freedom but remain safe at all times.

Jazzie (Golden)

Dog Walking (Training) - £20 for a minimum of 45 min
I will come to your home and pick your dog up and take it for a walk with the pack but I will also train your dog for you, your dog will get a minimum of 45 min. walk plus training.This service is popular for the busy person who has just not got the time to get to training classes or has a problem that they would like me to iron out for them.

Bailey (Beagle)

Day Care - From £20
Your dog will be with me all day either in and around my house or out on walks with the pack.  I can either come and pick them up or you can drop them off at my house.

Dillon (Terrorist)

Home boarding - From £20 a night
Home boarding is a less stressful alternative to kennels, where your dog has a bit of luxury whilst you are on holiday instead of staying in kennels. They get to stay in our home for the duration of their stay, they also get two walks a day as well. We are licenced by Hart District council and we are fully insured.
Daily home visits to your home - From £8.00 per visit
This is is for me to pop into your house during the day and let your dog out into your garden for a wee or feed your cats, rabbits, ferrets, chickens. I could even clean them out for you.

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